fredag 5 augusti 2011

White teeth fashion

More beautiful, whiter smiles are very trendy - but the price varies greatly. A teeth whitening at home kit bought on the internet will cost a around 20 dollar, the dentist does the treatment of the ten-fold. But it's worth it!

Rail, laser, plasma light, special toothpaste, cleaning. The methods to whiten teeth to get whiter smiles increase - and more and more people want to have beautiful teeth. It has been a dramatic increase in the number of bleaching treatments, the last ten years.

To smile and laugh brings health and your smile is also an important part of the first impression people get of you. Teeth whitening typically contributes not only to whiter teeth and a beautiful smile but also to a better self esteem. Already in Pharaonic Egypt so pale man with his teeth. Since then, the methods of tooth whitening has developed significantly. Today, most people can get a dazzling white smile.

When we encounter another human being, we will get a first impression of them depending on how they are dressed, their hair, how it moves and so on. What we do not realize is how strong a beautiful smile can affect our impression of the person. Sure, we remember ourselves when we met someone who had visibly discolored teeth, for example, smoking or coffee, and how we have responded. Perhaps we feel subconsciously that this person will be someone else because of his stained teeth, we had to think otherwise the teeth would have been beautiful and dazzling white? A friend and I ordered a package whose home teeth whitening and started the next day. We thought that if only it were as cheap as we could test. I tested the first to whiten teeth in upper jaw, and after the first time I saw a difference, my bottom teeth looked much worse than the top so I bleached them too and was super happy. It's really easy and when the rail is in so you do not even think of it as it is formed just after the way your own teeth.

Most people have some kind of discoloration on their teeth. Food, coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks and of course, snuff and smoking, are taking their toll. Some medications and certain diseases can discolor teeth. An accident can cause discoloration of a tooth or several teeth, for that matter. It is also interesting that an excessive intake of fluoride in the calcification of teeth can make teeth discolored. In addition, it reduces the whiteness often over the years and some of us have small white teeth from birth.